Proven Solutions for
Real World Problems


Case Studies

  1. Asset Management of a National Bank Owned Portfolio – Effectively coordinated the property management and disposed of multiple properties.

    Challenge: A bank foreclosed on a number of properties spread across the State of WI. Many of the assets had been abandoned or were neglected by the previous owners. The types of properties included: Vacant (and, subdivision lots, condominium units, and a variety of commercial buildings. The bank needed not only a company to manage the assets, but also an experienced real estate company to handle and make recommendations regarding the property disposition.

    Solution: Advisors LLC and affiliates provided the necessary services to improve the marketability of the properties. The team performed the necessary due diligence property maintenance, market analysis and brokerage services to successfully reposition and sell assets within the portfolio. The asset management provided the bank with a strategic game plan and maximized the value of their collateral.

  2. Condominium Projects of a Regional Bank - Successfully selling completed units on a retail basis.

    Challenge: A bank foreclosed on multiple condominium units that the previous developer was unable to sell. The properties were in good condition but a company was needed to provide routine inspections, sales and marketing expertise and monthly reporting on the portfolio.

    Solution: Advisors LLC and Affiliates coordinated the project oversight and property sales. The team provided pricing recommendations and handled the sales process on behalf of the bank. Within 12 months of being hired, about 50% of the condominium units (17 total) had been successfully closed for the bank at price points that were consistent with the original proposal.