providing market-based
solutions for your project


Market Studies

Advisors LLC provides comprehensive market-based solutions for your project. This approach combines background planning research, market knowledge and analysis to develop a plan that is endorsed by the marketplace. The location-based market analysis is highly customized to respond to unique project needs and may include the following:

  • Review overall economic trends, projections and realities of the current local economy
  • Review general population demographics and growth projections
  • Review the current state of local development
  • Review market supply and demand trends
  • Project absorption and occupancy levels
  • Assess competitive properties within the area
  • Determine sale values or lease rates

Once the market forces have been identified, Advisors LLC will analyze the compatibility of the planned or prospective uses with site constraints, signed agreements and other potential development challenges to create a plan to maximize the value of the asset. The exit strategy will be created by combining the market analysis and examining the various items below:

  • Analyze the existing site design and layout to determine if efficiencies can be realized that either add value or save costs
  • Develop innovative solutions to remaining development challenges
  • Identify potential uses to reposition the development
  • Determine anticipated values and benefits created for various development options
  • Prepare financial assessments including cost estimates, proformas and cash flow analyses
  • Identify potential funding sources

Members of the Advisors team have set the pace for creating high quality, mixed-use and business park developments in Wisconsin. In order to realize these developments, our team has become experts in tax incremental financing and other innovative governmental investment programs. In addition, the close working relationships that have been cultivated in the financial sector will prove to be a huge advantage to a successful project.