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Economic Development Strategic Planning

Advisors LLC created a Development ePlan to serve municipal clients in response to the financial challenges communities face from tax base deflation, a scarcity of new development combined with many fixed costs, a drop in shared revenue and reluctance by constituents to have their services reduced. Advisors LLC uses an economic development strategic planning process to help communities overcome these challenges – but not the kind of strategic planning that sits on a shelf, but a dynamic process involving the latest technology and assisted by a team of passionate Advisors LLC experts.

The Advisors LLC Difference

Strategic planning was introduced to the public sector more than 20 years ago. When most public officials think of strategic planning, they picture flip charts, markers and sticky notes pasted around the room and a large investment of time that may or may not net them the results necessary for their community. Advisors LLC believes it is imperative that the strategic plan progresses in a time-efficient manner and predictably produces a functional work plan that can be implemented effectively.

Advisors LLC has devised a new approach to strategic planning that will help participants break free from the flip charts and continue the conversation electronically. As ideas show themselves in daily life, participants will be able to share and respond to those ideas on a real time basis. This allows group members to continually build upon the ideas of others, building up energy and excitement that will eventually lead to the “big idea.” Sharing ideas electronically on a real-time basis, allows reserved members of the group to feel comfortable expressing him/herself, tames those who digress and eliminates groupthink. This concept fosters collaboration and will yield a better functional work plan with a positive net result.